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Achatz Handmade Pie Co. Wholesale

Thank you for inquiring about our wholesale goods. We have two options to help you set up a great pie program. Here is a current list of fine grocers carrying Achatz Handmade Pies.

Achatz Bake & Sell

Our "Bake and Sell" frozen pie program is perfect for the grocery bakeries who desire to pull and bake the necessary quantity for their daily fresh pie sales. These beautifully prepared, ready-to-bake pies come in two sizes: 9½ and 6½ inch diameter. Our flaky, tender, frozen pie shells are also a great choice to be baked with your own filling of choice. We carry five different sizes of top discs to partner with bottom shells.

Achatz Pies Fresh Delivery

We deliver fresh pies throughout much of Michigan, including Lansing, Detroit and Ann Arbor. If your restaurant or grocery store is within our delivery route we will deliver our fresh handmade Achatz pies directly to your back door up to 4 days a week. Check out our full line of wholesome bakery products such as tarts, cakes, teacakes, brownies, cookies, and granola. Email or call to begin the application process.

Achatz Pies Difference

No hydrogenated oils Trans-fat free
No preservatives Beautifully hand crimped
No high fructose corn syrup Pure butter with no margarine
No bleached flour or sugar Over 80% whole, high quality, fresh fruit
No artificial flavors or colors Supporting local Michigan farms

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